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Non-Qualified Annuities

NON-QUALIFIED ANNUITIES Properly Naming the State of Indiana as a Beneficiary The State needs to be named as a beneficiary by the time of the Medicaid application in some situations.  You must name the State as primary beneficiary (unless a minor or disabled child exists) before the Medicaid application if we are taking any of the following steps with the non-qualified annuity: Additions of principal; Elective withdrawals; Requests to change the distribution of the annuity; Elections to annuitize the contract; A change in ownership; or Any other non-routine action. The State must be listed second if there is a minor
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Secrets of an Elder Law Attorney

SECRETS OF AN ELDER LAW ATTORNEY What a boring life we lead Fort Wayne Estate Planning Council Presentation May 19, 2016  AGED AND DISABLED WAIVER Recipients of the Aged and Disabled Waiver live in a community setting.  They are initially approved for level of care services through a notice of action from the Division of Aging.  The notice of action contains a list of approved service hours which are generally for non-medical services, such as housekeeping, public feeding assistance, respite care, etc. The waiver recipient often needs additional services.  The care provider can submit a request for prior authorization to
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