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  • What is Indiana’s PathWays for Aging?
    The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration will start a new program on July 1, 2024, for Hoosiers 60 and older who receive Medicaid benefits called PathWays (excluding Healthy Indiana Plan Medicaid recipients). The stated goal of this program is to provide more services to seniors such as transportation to […]
  • Appealing a Notice of Discharge from Medicare Rehab Days
    Pursuant to federal law, following a three-day (or longer) hospitalization, a patient may receive up to 100 days of rehabilitative care, but the reality is that most patients receive much less than the maximum 100 days. We understand that you have received a 48-hour notice, notifying you that Medicare’s rehabilitation […]
  • Managed Medicaid Moves to Indiana
    Major changes are coming for 100,000 vulnerable Hoosiers as of April 1, 2024.  Hoosiers 60 and over who are in nursing homes or who are receiving waiver services in the home will be required to join a Managed Care Entity (MCE) to receive their Medicaid services.  Medicaid members will be […]

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