March 26th, 2017

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The New and Improved POST form in Indiana

The New and Improved POST form in Indiana On November 17, 2016, the Indiana Department of Health changed the Indiana Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment (“POST Form”).  We believe these changes will enhance the use of the POST Form in Indiana. The POST Form is intended for folks facing end of life care.  These changes should make it easier for these folks to express what type of care they want or do not want. The revised form now allows a doctor to add additional treatment orders on the bottom of page 1.  The doctor and patient (or authorized representative) now sign on page two (2) of the form.  The POST Form now ...

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Eligible Hoosiers Can Now Open an ABLE Account – in Ohio

Eligible Hoosiers Can Now Open an ABLE Account – in Ohio Eligible Hoosiers can now open an ABLE (Achieving a Better Life Experience account) courtesy of the State of Ohio.  An “eligible” Hoosier is a person who develops a disability before the age of twenty-six (26).  The person must have had this disability for at least one year or must expect their disability to last at least a year. The Ohio accounts are called STABLE accounts.  You can enroll on-line at  You can view questions and answers about STABLE accounts at STABLE accounts allow disabled Hoosiers to rem ...

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Non-Qualified Annuities

NON-QUALIFIED ANNUITIES Properly Naming the State of Indiana as a Beneficiary The State needs to be named as a beneficiary by the time of the Medicaid application in some situations.  You must name the State as primary beneficiary (unless a minor or disabled child exists) before the Medicaid application if we are taking any of the following steps with the non-qualified annuity: Additions of principal; Elective withdrawals; Requests to change the distribution of the annuity; Elections to annuitize the contract; A change in ownership; or Any other non-routine action. The State must be listed second if there is a minor o ...

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Hoosier Hills Estate Planning Council

May 4, 2017,--Hoosier Hills Estate Planning Council at the Monroe Convention Center in Bloomington, IN—Mr. Huffman will be speaking at the Estate Planning Day for the Hoosier Hills Estate Planning Council regarding estate planning issues.

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