Personal Injury

An accident of any nature can be very traumatic. If injured, the recovery process can be long and frustrating. Sometimes the consequences can be permanent. We advise all of our personal injury clients to keep a daily diary, beginning with the day of the accident, if possible. The client should carefully record, in the diary, everything experienced from day to day as a consequence of the accident — including doctor visits, medical treatments, medications, disabilities and complications with the various aspects of daily life, and how he or she feels (hurts) as the recovery process progresses. Such a diary can prove to be the best tool we can utilize in our efforts to achieve good results for our clients. Prior to retaining counsel, we strongly advise injured individuals against giving any written or recorded statements, although it is important to cooperate with law enforcement officials and your own insurance company. As needed to provide quality legal services to our clients in a competent and professional manner, we consult and work with highly respected personal injury lawyers, at no additional cost to our clients. Typically, our co-counsel role has proven to be very beneficial to our clients.