Our Philosophy


OUR PHILOSOPHY is . . . to provide our services with concern and compassion for those we serve; … to be an employer that provides a pleasant work environment and encourages the professional development and growth of its employees; … to contribute to the communities in which we live and the professions to which we belong; … to grow, but to never lose sight of the value of maintaining a personal relationship with our clients, who are the backbone of our practice.

OUR MISSION is . . . to provide high quality legal services which meet or exceed our clients’ expectations, and to do so in a manner and at a cost that result in our clients’ complete satisfaction.

OUR BELIEFS are . . . that we are an unique law firm; … that the practice of law should be a way of life, not just a way to make a living; … that the role of each of us in the firm should lead to our personal growth and fulfillment by providing our clients and communities with services that our God-given talents enable us to provide.

OUR FEES are . . . used to defray the cost of equipping, maintaining, and constantly updating our offices and paying for our lawyers’ and staff’s time and many years of costly education and training.   While we must charge a fee for most of our services, we strive to perform our services as efficiently and economically as possible, without sacrificing the quality of those services.

To assist with the accomplishment of that objective, we utilize the members of our support staff as much as is possible in implementing the advice provided by our lawyers to our clients.   Our clients are requested to work with the members of our support staff, in order to keep down the cost of our services.   The members of our staff are trained to ask for the advice of the lawyers on any matter with which the members of the staff are unfamiliar or when there is a need for a more detailed answer than the members of the staff are able to provide.

The Concern and Compassion that you receive comes from our hearts and is absolutely free of charge!   We strive continually to improve the manner in which we provide legal services.   We welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have.