Corporate & Commercial Law

Commercial law involves advising businesses and its owners on a wide variety of legal issues. These issues may include entity selection for the start up of a new business, assistance in business transactions, negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts, selling a business, developing a succession plan for transferring the ownership and control of the business to the owner’s children or employees, termination of a business, and business litigation. Some types of entities available for conducting a business are corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, and sole proprietorships.

The responsibilities of an attorney include the determination of the exact needs and desires of his client, evaluating those needs and desires, matching the needs and desires with an appropriate form of business entity and to assisting the client in creating and operating under that entity.

Unfortunately, once in a while a business becomes involved in litigation and is in need of an attorney to properly advise and assist that business in a prompt and efficient resolution of the dispute. Litigation is an expensive, time consuming and very inefficient method of resolving disputes. Alternatives include arbitration and mediation. However, when these do not work, litigation may be the only approach remaining to resolve the dispute.