How to Contact the BMV When You Believe Your Loved One Should no Longer Drive

How do you know when your dad should no longer drive? The answer is obvious: when you will no longer ride with him.

The sad fact is in rural Indiana losing your driver’s license is equated with the loss of your independence. We do not want mom or dad to lose their independence, but we also do not want them to hurt themselves or others in an accident.

Indiana law permits you to contact the Bureau of Motor Vehicles confidentially to have mom or dad’s ability to drive reviewed. You can fill out the form called “Request for Driving Ability Review” and send it to the BMV (click here for the form).

Indiana law (IC-9-24-10-7) requires the BMV to investigate the allegation and take appropriate action. The law also provides that a physician, optometrist, or advance practice nurse who has examined a person may, within 30 days of such exam, report problems to the BMV and have immunity from litigation for such a report. Please click here to access an article on the Indiana State Medical Association website about this.

When mom or dad are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, they may not know when they should not drive. You may have to use tough love and report him or her to the BMV. This is the best procedure to solve a difficult problem until driverless cars are a reality.

                                                                                                            Respectfully submitted,
Keith P. Huffman
April 2015

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